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Luxembourgish Lessons #40: END

Welcome to the fortieth and last of the Luxembourgish lessons (possibly).

This won't be an actual "lesson" per say, but more of an update on the course.


Yes, as the title suggests, this is the end of the Luxembourgish lessons - well, the official lesson plan at least. When I say "end", I mean that in the sense that I have discussed everything I initially planned out for the course, so at the moment there is nothing left.

That does not necessarily mean there is nothing left to discuss, however. There may have been things that I missed or topics I have discussed that I could've gone into greater detail. If those were to come up, I will label them as bonus lessons.

I usually posted the Luxembourgish lessons on a "fixed" schedule, wherein each lesson is posted roughly 3-4 days after the last. However, since finding topics to discuss/clarify that I originally had no intention of covering may take some time, should I do the bonus lessons, they will not be done in fixed time frames.


For the duration of the Luxembourgish lessons here on Duolingo, I've made them my top priority, and somewhat left the Memrise course on the back burner. Now that the lessons are over (for now), I will be dedicating more time there.

For instance, those who use the Luxembourgish courses I created on Memrise will noticed certain lessons marked as "coming soon" or "pending". I will be working to add more lessons and words over time.

What Next?

Other than working on the Memrise Luxembourgish courses, I've also thought about doing something similar to what I've done with Luxembourgish with another language (not on Duolingo). It'll most likely be a while before I decide to fully flesh out the course, but it's something that is still very possible. At the moment the two languages I'll most likely do are either Low German or Northern Sami (the latter of which being the more likely one)

I guess all that's left to say is thank you guys who've supported this course, whether if you were there from the very first lesson or the very last or somewhere in between.

And remember:

Prior Lessons

May 1, 2017

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I remember when This was brand new, Solong Luxembourgish lesson we'll always remember them

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