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Duo keeps telling me I've unlocked certain achievements. Where are these records kept?

May 1, 2017



I started getting them about a week ago.. apparently I've achieved 7 out of 12 so far. I'm going to darn my socks tomorrow. ..if that pops up on there I'll faint.


In the Android App you can see the achievements in the tab "Profile". Click on "View" to see the explanation. It is looking very childish.


Like some "weekend warrior" achievement for practicing Saturday & Sunday. I'm on a 658-day streak and these just started popping up on my mobile app after finishing a lesson.


My husband started receiving those earlier this week. I think they are called Badges. I have no idea if they are kept anywhere or if they are simply motivators that pop up when you complete a skill. (It is either an A/B test or new features being slowly rolled out. He is using Android. I use iOS and do not have the achievements/badges.)


I've got these badges too. I don't see the point, though they are mostly harmless (compared to some other changes). It reminds me of Pokemon Go with a ton of badges that have no effect on the game. I just ignore them.


Since I mostly use Duolingo on my laptop I only just saw these achievements appear today. I don't care what anyone else says, I think they're fun :-)


I've started getting them and they're complete shite. It's like being 6 years old again and the teacher giving me a gold star for my sums. Ridiculously patronising for adults.


I got all twelve in less than 24 hours. Not exactly challenging! Still don't understand how they came to give me the Traveller one as I didn't leave the house!!


Do they stay forever, or do they have to be earned regularly?


looks like one off and one only

they are on the android profile page with a link so you can read what they are

The only worthwhile and challenging one is a sword for completing a tree, but it only gives it once. I got it by opening a finished course.

If they really want to do this they should choose things like keeping a tree gilded for a certain length of time or keeping a good streak


They are probably targeted kids with this - possibly to get them over some hump, when their initial enthusiasm wears off. I image there is some Duolingo employee who looks at drop out rates across the tree, and thinks of ways to get people to keep going that little bit further. Moving boring skills further down the tree etc. I assume drop out rates are quiet high.

Though it would be nice if they threw some stuff towards their long-time users. I doubt it would hurt new users. Perhaps they will add more, if their testing is successful.


The best thing against the drop out rate must have been the community and since Activity was removed, a lot of that help is gone (until, one day, they may replace it with something). The frustration is very visible in the French tree. People asking about the same things over and over again, but unless you once participated in a thread, you are not going to see those questions. How are the natives (or advanced students) supposed to help newcomers stick with it? I think Activity was far more useful than the badges.


Duolingo can probably see in their usage data if activity stream removal had a negative impact - but I doubt that will be shared.


Traveller might be working on multiple languages?


It is supposed to be using the app in two time zones. I got it when the app got stuck when I was testing making a club and I had to do an emergency stop to get off a frozen screen. I clearly confused it.


Achievements? Like what? :)


At this rate, Duolingo should adopt "A/B tests every weekend" as a motto


I just started getting notices about "achievements" today and, to be honest, I thought my computer had a virus or something! I find this sort of thing annoying and distracting, and wish it could be turned off. I have a pretty good idea of how I'm doing without some bot awarding me silly participation badges.

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