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learning in the countryside.


Guten Morgen, Dzien dobry, Bon jour, goedemorgen

Enhanced appetite when in the countryside

Looking for the words to describe the scene

More of us live now in cities and lose contact

the touch and words to nature being reduced


Enjoy your day .

May 1, 2017



Good morning,
living on the edge of town:
nature and culture in close contact
five minutes to see horses graze on extensive meadows
fifteen minutes to the busy life in the city center
love to live here...
have a great day


Bonjour et buenos días
Living in the country in the spring
Je suis ivre with the aroma of wildflowers
Stupefied by the zumbido of bees
Conversation is lost in the cacophony of birds
Turtles and snakes venture onto the hardtop
Peepers host moonlit orgies in the ditches
The world is clean and new

ivre: drunk (French)
zumbido: buzz (Spanish)


The smeuse

On a Spring afternoon,

there was bustle and a hustle

in and out the smeuse

comes and goes the world

A busy natural world,

dormouse, hedgehog ,nestling lark,

with lots of things to do

as they pass each other busily by.



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