"It is necessary to take action."

Traducción:Es necesario tomar medidas.

May 1, 2017

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"Es necesario pasar a la acción" es una traducción correcta

August 7, 2017


is "tomar medidas" an idiom? I thought "medida" meant "measure". Could "es necesario tomar acción" be correct?

August 23, 2017


Yes, it's correct. But "tomar medidas" isn't an idiom. A completely idiom is "tomar cartas en el asunto" which has the same meaning of this example.

June 27, 2018


neccesary = necessary ... I always miss the double s and put the double c. Anyone knows why this phenomenon use to happen?

I hope this help all us:

Words we try to spell with too few letters= balloon, dumbbell, embarrass, millennium, misspell, occurrence, possession, broccoli, occasionally, questionnaire, coolly, dissipate, difference, generally, incidentally, magically, success,

Words that have double letters, but not as many as we think = deterrence, harass, personnel, recommend, referred, disappear, disappoint, finally, fulfill, necessary, occasion, occurred, parallel, sheriff, tomorrow,

Words that don’t have double letters, but we want to add them= preferable, procedure, coliseum, labeled,


May 1, 2017


take action es pasar a la acción o tomar una decisión

June 17, 2017


"ponerse en acción" es también correcto, sin embargo me corrigen "entrar en acción" yo creo q las dos son correctas y significan lo mismo. Me gusta más la traducción de los que dicen "pasar a la acción"

August 24, 2018



June 24, 2019
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