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  5. Finished the German tree!


Finished the German tree!

36 Days of hard work, what's next? Continue practicing in this tree or do the reverse tree?

Thanks Duolingo / Everyone.

May 1, 2017



Do the reverse tree, keep your German tree golden or repeat the whole German tree once again. I have been doing the reverse tree and keeping my German tree golden. Also learning Spanish from German.


It's better to continue and strengthen the current tree, than to start over with a new one. That way you are allowing Duolingo's spaced repetition algorithm to work at it's best.


Great job!

I deleted my trees and started all over again, but now I repeat more intensive, eg: I am currently on level 13 and I am learning places2 , that's still 64 levels to go !


Yeah I think I will go through it again but more slowly until I master each segment, Thanks!


You can listen to music, I like Rammstein, Falco, and this song from Peter Schilling: Mayor Tom : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdeu5PhNL7U


I suggest looking for more intensive materials, Deutsche Welle for example has a lot of good resources for advanced learners.



Although besides doing the reverse tree, I would recommend trying to get to the level 25 by reinforcing the lessons. And if you want to add some vocabulary, get memrise, do the official memrise german course plus this one:



whore house or scary local German bar.

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