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can we have the adverts in the language we are learning, please?

If the adverts were in the language we are learning I would probably try to read them as part of my learning experience and they would then be useful to both DL and the learner, and even the company doing the advertisement. I cannot say for sure I would read them as I have only seen English ads and I do not read them, just 'notice' them, but maybe this is worth looking into?

May 1, 2017



The problem is that the company the ad comes from wants you to be able to understand their ad and they're probably not interested in translating their ads, and would probably rather take their business elsewhere. I would guess this is true for the majority of the type of ads you see online. It would be kinda cool but it's not really a sound business plan =) They are paying for the ad spot, after all, and spending more money and effort on customizing their ad just for one site wouldn't make sense. They want you to see their product, not translate it. And if duolingo was to translate the ads, well, I'd rather have them working on more important things =) Just my two cents!

It's sad they don't make sure there aren't inappropriate ads, though.


Even if the company would not have to translate its ads, it's marketing dept. probably would prefer to advertise to people who already know the language well.

For example, I'm learning Spanish and a company selling things in Spain probably doesn't value advertising to me as much as advertising to people in Spain...


I think the advantage to the advertising company would be that we would concentrate on the advert while trying to translate it stop. The advertisement would get much more attention in this way than if it were in our native language. While I agree that products only sold in the country of the language we are learning would be less useful to advertise, there are many products that are sold in several countries. I would be surprised if advertisements do not already exist in other languages for these products. One could also consider whether bilingual advertisements might be appropriate.


I totally support this! There was someone who first suggested this in the "Keeping Duolingo Free and Sustainable" post which was to explain the reason ads were added to apps.(The discussion is deleted, apparently) There's also been several reports that some ads are even inappropriate.(I personally have five screenshots of such cases) It looks like the staff doesn't really care about them, it's sad to feel this productive suggestion isn't very likely to be implemented.

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That's a good idea!


I feel like it would at least make sense to offer ads in ALL the languages studied by the user, not just their first language, no? I'm not talking about translating ads, just showing ads that were in those languages to begin with. I am not sure whether this would bring in more or less revenue, but i would guess most likely more.

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