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  5. "Habari za kazi kaka ?"

"Habari za kazi kaka ?"

Translation:How is work brother?

May 1, 2017



"How is the work, brother?" was incorrect as well.

Reported my answer.


When I first met "kazi" on its own, the correct answer was given as job; work, so why isn't "How is your job, brother"? accepted.



"How is your work "was wrong. I think it should be ok as well. I have seen here also "your evening".


"How is your job brother" was wrong. Kazi only means work?


IMO same thing. One important thing to remember though when learning ANY language is that word 'A' in English doesn't necessarily "translate" into word 'B' in Swahili. Words don't have meaning unless we give it to them. So when translating from one language to another you may find that word 'B' in Swahili might have 1,2,10 or even 0 translations in English. This why it's important to think in the language you learn, rather than just translating from your native tongue to another.


Report it next time. Kazi seems to mean both. Personally, "how is work?" and "how is your job?" feel slightly different to me, and "how is your job going?" is more like "how is work?" but it's a pretty subtle thing. Report it and see what the course creators think.


Has it going at the job bro? Kinda what we would say.


is habari ya kazi correct?

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