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Disconnecting Duolingo from Facebook

In a quick survey of my Duolingo friends, about 2/3rds of the people I follow have a little Facebook icon on their profile page, which allows you to go directly to their Facebook page if you're logged into Facebook when pressing the icon. I realized that I had this same icon a little while back, so I went to "Settings", then "Profile," and disconnected it so no one would be able to visit my page. Then today, when I clicked on my Duolingo profile page, I found that the Facebook icon was back on the page again, so I went to "Settings" and disconnected it once more. I logged out of Duolingo right after doing this, then immediately logged back in, and the Facebook icon was back again! I don't use Facebook to access Duolingo and don't post my Duolingo progress to Facebook. That leads to the question:

Does anyone know how to permanently "unlink" the accounts so the Facebook icon will never again show up on my Duolingo profile page? Instructions for doing so will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

EDIT, 3/27/14: We found a solution for this. If you are having this issue with your browser, please scroll down and see workaround solution that we found. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions, and to Selcen_Ozturk for her assistance.

March 17, 2014



I disconnected myself. The blue icon is still on my profile, but when I go to settings and and profile, it says "You are connected as" (no name after) and then "disconnect". I can't even hit the disconnect button. Any advice? :(



Go to https://www.duolingo.com/settings/profile as you did before. Then change something in your location or bio lines. That means that a change has been made and changes the Save Changes icon from gray to Green (active). Then try hitting the Disconnect from FB icon and then press the green Save Changes icon. Hopefully that will make it work for you. Good luck!


Thanks, I tried this. The "disconnect from Facebook" just still doesn't work :/ Thanks a lot for your reply, though :)


I was having difficulty with this as well. I disabled all my browser extensions, removed the app from the Facebook site. I tried modifying profile text then clicked the button, and it didn't work.

The entire time the disconnect button was greyed out.

I'm not sure what happened, but I came back to the profile settings page a few minutes later, and it was now a "connect to facebook" button.

I'm not sure how I did it, but it sort of seemed random to me? Like, on my end, it looked like it took a while to process the change.


That sounds special. But indeed it's so annoying how it won't disconnect normally. When I try to do it on Firefox, there is a small text in the lower left corner saying "javascript:;". I have no idea if that's related to anything, whatsoever.


This worked for me, I hope it works for you (Desktop Site Only) Settings>Account Make a change to your username, example for you: Andreasberg999 Don't save changes yet! Now go to the Profile section, the Facebook Connect button should now be blue saying "Connect to Facebook" now change something in your Bio and click Save Changes (You can edit your Bio back to normal afterwards) Done! your Facebook account should now be disconnected from Duolingo. Have a nice day! :)


Thank you so much thatssorafael! This worked, and I finally got it away ;) I can't thank you enough! Have a nice day too. :)


it worked thanks


I have the same problem it is really annoying. But you should edit your post and move it to the troubleshooting section.


When I was ready to post that, the only options were general discussion or spanish discussion. Your recommendation made me realize I wasn't actually subscribed to the Troubleshooting section, so I added it, and will move this now. Thanks!


I have tried to do the same and it doesn't work...


Still doesn't work for me. The "disconnect" button isn't even clickable it seems :(


Try this, it worked for me (Desktop Site Only) Settings>Account Make a change to your username, example for you: polarbeargff Don't save changes yet! Now go to the Profile section, the Facebook Connect button should now be blue saying "Connect to Facebook" now change something in your Bio and click Save Changes (You can edit your Bio back to normal afterwards)


Thank you! This solved my problem.


Have you pushed on "Disconnect from Facebook" and then on "Save settings"?


I've tried, but the "Save Settings" icon isn't active after pressing the "Disconnect from Facebook" button.


even when you disconnect, next time you login to facebook using the same browser you are logged in to duolingo, you are connected again.


Yes, true after you disconnect Facebook, the save button isn't active. However, you can make changes to other info in parallel and the "Save Settings" button will become active


Thank you. We figured this out after more experimenting and posted it elsewhere in this thread, but it's good to have it in several places for people who pop in and don't follow the whole thing. Thanks!


Selcen_Ozturk and I worked together on this since we were having the same issue. We would go to the pulldown menu on our username at the upper right, then hit SETTINGS, then to PROFILE, and then hit the disconnect from FB button, but on our browsers, it never allowed the "SAVE CHANGES" button to be activated on the screen. When I did this, it would appear that I successfully escaped from FB (the blue FB icon disappeared from my profile page), but as soon as I did a browser REFRESH or exited and returned to Duolingo, it showed that FB was reconnected again. Therefore, we found a workaround: Go to SETTINGS and then PROFILE as before, and then hit "DISCONNECT FROM FACEBOOK." If your browser activates the "SAVE CHANGES" button near the top of your screen, hit that and you're done; however, if like us, the "SAVE CHANGES" button does not activate, you'll need to add or change something in one of the three boxes above (e.g., Fullname, Location, or Bio), which will then activate the "SAVE CHANGES" button. Hit that to save both your disconnect from FB and the change in the selected item. Then, if you wish, you can go back into the selected box, and change your wording back if needed.

Selcen_Ozturk reported that she needed to first edit the statement then hit the disconnect from FB, since on her browser, if she edited first, when she hit disconnect, the edit was gone, and it wouldn't allow her to save her changes. I was using a version of Firefox and found that I was able to do it either way, so if you're having this problem, you may need to experiment to see which way works best for you.

Many thanks to Selcen_Ozturk for her help with this!


it didnt work for me and its still not working I NEED TO GET IT OFF i'm getting upset with this site not working properly. :(


Try this, it worked for me and 3 other users. (Desktop Site Only) Settings>Account Make a change to your username, example for you: BonBonChatt Don't save changes yet! Now go to the Profile section, the Facebook Connect button should now be blue saying "Connect to Facebook" now change something in your Bio and click Save Changes (You can edit your Bio back to normal afterwards)


Genial! me funcionó, gracias

[deactivated user]

    Thank you very much!


    Thanks alot,, ,,it works


    Worked for me. Thanks.


    I wanted to reconnect and wasn't able, you helped a lot. Thank you.


    Facebook connect is an horrible crap.


    is horrible crap. It's an aspirated h in English and you don't need an article. But I agree, absolutely.


    Latecomer to this discussion but I've found that my "Facebook connect" just says "You are connected as" with nothing after it, and therefore the disconnect button is inactive, but I have a Facebook link anyhow on my profile page. Anyone have the same issue, or a solution?


    Could you pin this to the top of the troubleshooting section? It's a great tip as I've been struggling for ages disconnecting Facebook


    Thank you. I refer people to it on occasion, but only the mods can pin things. Sorry.


    Thank you. I am very strict about sharing my facebook info and this was very helpful. Now, I'm searching for Selcen_Ozturk to give them a lingot!


    Just a thought--Have you tried doing the disconnect from the Facebook end as well as via Duolingo? Check your apps setting in Facebook settings under the general account settings under the small down pointing arrow at the top of your Facebook page and see if you've allowed Duolingo. If you have, see what happens if you disallow it. I'm not speaking from experience here--I'm an anti-Facebook misanthrope who won't allow the blasted privacy invading thing computer space--but I do know if you allow apps on FB you get very hooked up.


    Thanks for the suggestion, Zaafraan. I generally don't do but a very few apps in FB because of the privacy concerns, but I checked and confirmed that it's not listed. I do have the Duolingo app on my phone because that's what I use for all of my practice work.

    Edit to add: If you log out of Facebook and disconnect from FB through the Duolingo Settings, you'll still be reconnected to the FB page (though you won't be able to see it until you actually log in on FB again) the next time you log back into Duolingo.

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