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Just hit level 9 in Japanese tree. Amazing program!!!

May 1, 2017



If anyone wants to see what the Japanese tree looks like at the moment, install the "Duolingo Stats" script from here: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo Userscripts, and then look at KEIsuke.1's profile, and click the "show the tree" button.

...I hope that's ok, KEIsuke.1 :)

The course will change between now and release - it isn't finished yet.

May 1, 2017


Aren't Duo Scripts banned on Duolingo?


No, Duo's position is they can't be destructive or used to cheat.


Wow...amazing. Congrats on that.


Out of curiosity - do you think you are able to handle Hiragana well just by using Duolingo?

[deactivated user]

    Hiragana is surely the simplest thing to learn in japanese...you should be worried for kanji xD. If you want to do some practice with hiragana and katakana, try this site:



    I am using a test account here and to be honest, I feel like I accomplished more in an hour of Duolingo than a day of studying. While I sadly don't have much time to work on the course. It is probably one of my favourite courses I've done! It's very theme based and doesn't have too daunting grammar skills like 9 lessons of verbs in the past tense (I'm looking at you Spanish).


    I did english for japanese and i have to admit that japanese for english is way harder, at least for me lol, maybe coz it's still in alpha.


    Thats so cool bro!


    Congratulations fellow tester!!


    Thanks everyone :)

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