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Who's interested in a French/Indonesian or Indonesian/French tree?

Just asking to know if many people are interested.

If I could start this course I'll do it!
I don't know the level they ask to start a course, but probably perfectly bilingual.

I also ask it, because the Indonesian tree for English speakers seems to be in a deadlock. It was planned for this summer, but will be ready in 2020 at least!

May 1, 2017



I'd be interested! I can speak French, so if this tree were to get done first, I can ladder my languages rather than waiting for the English tree.


I think the English tree would be in a very long time :( I would be ready to help for French grammar, but I'm not bilingual in Indonesian yet, and it could take several years if I ever success at it. I've made a lot of progress in Indonesian since I started it, but I don't know how the learning curve is for Indonesian.

So, if some people could start the tree, I would be ready to help!


That would be amazing! Personally I'd like to see an ID/FR course mainly because I want to be able to learn all the languages Duo has to offer but I don't speak Spanish :/


That would be awesome! I'd also like to see more trees from Vietnamese :)


Tolong buat itu! Fais-le, s'il te plaît!

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