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Notification on Edited Sentences?

For the last few days, I've noticed that when any of the sentences I translated are edited by another user, I am not notified about the change. Also, I am not told if I am receiving lingots for my translations. However, I completed a Double or Nothing earlier today, and was promptly notified. I don't really mind about the lingots, because it seems like it was just taking up space on the five spot notification area, but I kind of appreciated being able to know when someone edited something I've translated, and how it was improved. Is this just me, or is this a new revision or something?

March 17, 2014



Maybe you changed the setting in Settings -> Notifications -> Email me when or in Settings -> Notifications -> Notify me when?


I just checked it, and found them both unchecked. Huh. I checked them both, so I should be getting them soon. Thank you so much!


Are you sure that the translations are being modified? I'm still getting those notifications.


I went on one of the articles that I translated, clicked around, and found at least five edits. I haven't gotten any notification whatsoever on that article.

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