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Your journey to becoming a language teacher/translator/interpreter...

I am not a teacher, but I am strongly considering going back to school for language studies (I got my undergrad in Biblical Studies). Besides teaching a foreign language, I'm also interested in the idea of translating and interpreting. Currently I work as a Data Analyst for an energy company. I love data analytics and could also see myself utilizing both of these passions (language and data) in a career, such as working as a Data Analyst for an international organization.

I am currently working towards fluency in Spanish and making really good progress in it. At the same time I am slowly progressing in German (I plan on visiting my parents there some time next year). Eventually I would also like to learn Italian, French, Greek, and Arabic.

Anyways, I'm interested to hear some of your stories on how you got to where you are and what kind of language programs you would suggest.

Thank you for your stories and insights!

May 1, 2017



i am Arabic i' m studding at university my specialty is french language...i know that my English is weak but i try to learn it more and i try to ameliorate my french also i will learn Russian, Spanish and turkey. finally i suggest for you that i teach you Arabic language if you like. sorry for my weak English but i try


Hi Yassmine206. Thanks for replying. As much as I would like to take you up on your offer to teach me Arabic, I'm currently learning Spanish and German, so don't have time to take on a third language. It will probably be a while before I start learning Arabic. But thank you. Your English is pretty good. Ameliorate is actually a big word in English and something you won't hear English speakers use often. Instead, you might want to use "improve". :)


so ameliorate = improve. it's new word for me. i understand english but i found some difficult to speak and write... well, thank you so much for replying and thank you also for the new word hhhhh


Hello! It's good to know that you are working in what you love and like. Nothing is better than doing what you really love! Great for you.. Well, I am from Venezuela and I'm an English teacher and I work as an English teacher,too. I really love what I do. Teaching English is my passion, I speak French,too. But not enough I try to get better this language through Duo Lingo. Hope you may complete your goals. keep practicing and trying and never give up in your dreams! See you...


You got a job as a data analyst, but got a degree in Biblical Studies? How did you pull that off? It is hard to imagine that here in the United States. I studied Journalism and Spanish and finding work with anything related to that field is hard enough!


I know, it's an interesting mix. I actually got my first job as a Data Analyst due to a family connection. I ended up liking what I was doing so I spent a lot of time learning data analytics outside of work through MOOCs and books. I actually spent an entire year teaching myself front-end development too. I don't still do front-end development, but the coding I learned proved to be very helpful for my Data Analyst career nonetheless. Then I taught myself Microsoft Power BI and that has become a central aspect of my job.

I'm actually surprised it's hard to find a job where Journalism and Spanish wouldn't really stand out on an application. If not journalism, what about PR or marketing?


Job market sucks. Simple as that. I got a job, but it has nothing to do with what I studied at university. Guess that is the sad reality these days.

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