The Greek Alphabet:

The ABCs

The main scope of this section is to familiarize the learner with the Greek alphabet.

The word ''alphabet'' comes from the first two letters of the Greek Alphabet, alpha, and beta (Α and Β). The Greek Alphabet has 24 letters, which are the same as Classical Greek. However, their pronunciation is completely different.

(Here is a link to a more comprehensive guide to the alphabet: here

Also see: MODERN GREEK RESOURCES HERE ``````````````````````````````````````````````````

The alphabet as used in this lesson Note that the letters have names: e.g. α = άλφα // alfa // alfa

Greek: Upper Case-Lower Case//Name **//English Name |Νearest pronunciation|

Α-α Άλφα // Alpha|A as in Father|

Β-β Βήτα // Veeta|V as in Vase|

Γ-γ Γάμμα (Γάμα) //Gama|γ |as in game or yes

Δ-δ Δέλτα //Delta|ð as in THe| as in Then

Ε-ε Εψίλον //Epsilon|E as in Element/pet

Ζ-ζ Ζήτα //Ζεετα Z as in Zoo

Η-η* Ήτα //Eeta EE as in sEE

Θ-θ Θήτα //theta| TH as in THing

Ι-ι* Ιώτα (γιώτα) //Iota EE as in sEE|

Κ-κ Κάππα (κάπα) / /Kapa K as in Cow

Λ-λ Λάμδα //Lambda L as in Lemon|

Μ-μ Μυ (μι) //Mee M as in Mother|

Ν-ν Νυ (Νι) //Nee N as in North|

Ξ-ξ Ξει (Ξι) //Ksee X as in foX

Ο-ο * Όμικρον // Omicron O as in Organ|

Π-π Πει (Πι) //Pee P as in People

Ρ-ρ Ρω (ρο //Rh Row |R as in Rhapsody

Σ-σ/ς *|Σίγμα //Sigma|S as in Sit

Τ-τ Ταυ //Taf as in Table|

Υ-υ* Ύψιλον //Ypsilon //EE as in sEE

Φ-φ Φει (φι) //Fee //|F as in Fun|

Χ-χ Χει (Χι) //Chee //H as in Hurry|

Ψ-ψ ψει (ψι) //Psee //PS as in liPStick

Ω-ω* Ωμέγα //Omega| //O as in Organ

Note: * Η-η, Ι-ι and Υ-υ have the same pronunciation (''ee'')

  • Ο-ο and Ω-ω have the same pronunciation (''o'')

  • The pronunciations and their examples shown above are the nearest pronunciations in Modern Greek. The sound of some letters varies depending on the letter that follows.


**Of the 24 letters in the Greek alphabet 13 are exactly the same in appearance as the Latin in upper case (capitals) the lower case may differ. You can see them below.

These are A α, B β, E ε, Hη, Iι, Kκ, Mμ, Nν, Oο, Tτ, Xχ, Yυ, Zζ (They are not always pronounced the same but they are typed on the same key.

5 keys have the same sound and are found on those keys:

Φ φ = Found on F

Λ λ = Found on L

Π π = Found on P

Ρ ρ = Found on R

Σ σ ς Found on S and W explained below

2 have similar sound**:

Γ γ ΓΑΜΜΑ Found on G

Δ δ ΔΕΛΤΑ Found on D

That leaves only 4 Greek letters with places you have to learn.

Here is where you'll find them:

Θ θ = U

Ξ ξ= J

Ψ ψ = C

Ω ω= V

    • Sigma has two different types in the lower case. When it is at the beginning of or inside the word it is written σ but when it is at the end of a word it is written as ς this can be found at w

Diphthongs Two vowels with one sound:

ΑΙ αι = sounds like E-ε as pet

ΕΙ ει = sounds like Η-η, Ι-ι, Υ-υ,Οι,Υι as sEE

ΟΙ οι = sounds just like Η-η, Ι-ι, Υ-υ sEE

ΥΙ υι = sounds just like Η-η, Ι-ι, Υ-υ or like sEE

ΑΥ αυ= sounds like “av” or “af”

ΕΥ ευ= sounds like “ev” or “ef”

ΟΥ ου = sounds like "u" as in "soup" .

Double consonants two consonants with one sound

ΜΠ μπ = sounds like b

ΝΤ ντ = sounds like d

ΓΚ γκ = sounds like g

ΓΓ γγ = sound like ng

ΤΣ τσ = sounds like ts

ΤΖ τζ = sounds like tz


How to add the accent. On the Greek keyboard first type the key on the right of the Λ (L) (the semicolon :/;) then type the letter you want the accent on. On a mobile just hold the letter for an extra second or two and there will appear a variety of that letter with accents. Slide up to the one you want.

Modern Greek has only ONE accent, that is placed above the accented vowels, and it looks like this: ά,έ, ή, ί, ό, ύ, ώ. The accent goes on one of the three last syllables. Accents help you give emphasis to the right syllable. E.g. “βιβλίο” (veevLEEo), ''μιλώ'' (meeLO) etc.

If the whole word is in capitals then only the first letter can have an accent. E.g ΌΧΙ but it can also be used with no accent-- ΟΧΙ (Ohee), but ΕΣΥ (eSEE).

Punctuation Marks The Period, or full stop, the comma and the exclamation mark are the same as English.

The Greek QUESTION MARK looks just like the English semicolon ; and can be found on the Q when you are on the Greek keyboard.

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