"Ți-e bine când nu îți e rău!"

Translation:You are well when you don't feel unwell!

May 1, 2017



well, this type of sentence is what we call" UNE VERITE DE LA PALISSE" IN FRENCH. I see some of you are learning my language so let me explain a little. : Monsieur de la Palisse was a French noble from the South-west part of the country and he was known to use this type of sentences. So, after he was killed in 1525 in the battle of PAVIA in Italy ( where the French King FRANCOIS 1er was taken prisoner by the Imperial forces) the French started to say "Monsieur de la Palisse est mort, est mort devant Pavie.. CInq minutes avant sa mort, il était encore en vie" which, in English , means : "The Sir of LA PALISSE is dead, is dead in front of Pavia. Five minutes before his death he was still alive." This is what is called UNE VERITE DE LA PALISSE i.e., something so evident that it is ridiculous to say it . Hope you will like it.

August 27, 2017


Thanks for sharing this!! Very interesting indeed!

August 29, 2017


Thanks to you ! How is your French. comment est votre français ? ca va ,vous parlez ?

August 29, 2017


Interesting. I like the last comment that it is so evident that it is ridiculous to say it.

May 28, 2019

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This sentence is super weird, at least in English. If it's even half as weird in Romanian, I think it has no place in this course.

May 1, 2017


They are popular sayings in Romanian. Sometimes they state the obvious by explaining the idea behind the phrase. This is done on purpose, in order to emphasize the idea itself.

June 1, 2017


"Înțelepciune" level: Liviu Dragnea. Ce fel de propoziție e asta? :P

June 5, 2017


It does sound odd in English, but as someone with a long term illness, I could get to quite like the phrase! 'I feel well when I don't feel unwell'. Yep. Works for me.

June 8, 2017
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