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  5. "Ninahitaji kurudi."

"Ninahitaji kurudi."

Translation:I need to return.

May 1, 2017



the stem verb -hitaji is from Arabic ( أحتاج ) ,, " Ahtaj", which means I need.


"Kuruda" is also an Arabic loanword, from Arabic رَدَّ‎ (radda) [to return, bring back, answer and much more meanings], itself from the root ر د د (r-d-d), usually meaning backwards movement or repetition.


I've never really learnt much Arabic, but I recognise a lot of Arabic loanwords that I know from Turkish. Turkish has the noun "ihtiyaç" meaning "a need". To say "I need" it's "İhtiyacım var" which literally means "my need exists". Is there a related Arabic noun that sounds closer to what was borrowed into Turkish?


I'm a native speaker of Arabic. I think Arabic and Turkish are related. the Arabic word "Ahtaj" means I need, it sounds like the Turkish "ihtiyaç"


Yeah. Arabic and Turkish are not related languages but Turkish has a huge number of borrowed words from Arabic, such as dakika, saat, merhaba ...


hitaji obviously has many possible meanings: need to, have to, want, require, etc. I guess it is hard for duolingo to cover all the possible meanings in its checking of answers.


Should "go back" be accepted, or is this "return" only applicable for returning to the place one currently is (i.e. "come back," which is accepted)?


So Nina is I, Hitaji is need and kurudi is to return?


Nina is I + the present tense marker Ni = I na = tense marker Yes on hitaji and kurudi


Go back can also be acceptable since it generally means the same thing


I consider Duolingo should also accept "I need to go back". I think it is a valid answer. Any moderator here?


Tunahitaji kurudi, Kate!

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