May 1, 2017

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hello boys and girls!

Hi, where are you from?

i'm from manaus and you ?

i from cuiaba . and you ?

hi, good evening

good evening . how are you ?

Hello!, how are u!?

fine , and you ?

Hello Larissa thanks for reply me , i'm fine i making a hot chocolate, do you want?

nice, i not. here is it hot.

Today the weather is fresh here in Rio, but in the summer Rio is the hottest state in brazil.. most of the time x.x

cool. you are from rio. i'm from cuiabá.

Hello Larissa, how are you ! My name is Alexandre !

I am fine , and you ?

Hello, how are you?

i'm fine and you ?

I´m fine, and you?

fine, what are you doing ?

good, I am trying talk in other languages hahah

Hello, you can help me? I need to practice to speak english

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