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What is an XP contest?

Obviously, I'm wondering what the heck an XP contest is and how you participate in one. I actually signed up for one but I don't know how to participate. At first, I got the feeling that you answer questions, maybe about a language, to get xp/lingots, but it now seems like you just wait for them to give you Lingots like maybe a draw? Please someone explain to me! Thankss, kariBrie

May 1, 2017



An XP contest is a contest where participants try to get as many XP as possible in a certain amount of time. The winner is the person with the most XP gained in that time period by the end of it; the prize is usually lingots.

These contests are held by individual users, not by Duolingo itself. Some of them are scams to get a bunch of lingots, so be wary of which ones you enter.


Note you normally need to follow whoever is doing the contest so they can see your XP and the contest should have specified start and stop times.


it is a contest where you can participate in and the winner is the one who got the most Xp and he gets the prize

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