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Finished the Japanese Tree!!!!

A while ago I became an alpha-tester for the ja-en tree (not on this account) and I have just finished it! It took a lot of work and patience, but it pays off in the end! Of course I will continue to send reports like I am supposed to, I just wanted to share this moment. I am not actually allowed to show screenshots or give out info about the tree, but I can say some general things:

Really good audio! 10/10

I love that the course uses long sentences, especially in the end. This gives a deeper understanding for how the language works in general.

My only wish is that it taught more kanji.

For anyone interested in Japanese or Japanese culture, this course is definitely more than worth it! Stay excited!

May 1, 2017



I absolutely agree about the Kanji - whilst you can still enter them and they are marked as correct, you aren't specifically taught them. Example include 猫、肉、魚 and 会社.

As someone learning Mandarin, Kanji don't pose much of a challenge, but I definitely think they should include many more. Good job!


I wonder what the purpose is of not teaching them, especially when the course description claims that you'll be able to "confidently order" rāmen after completing the course.

Don't know how confident you can be ordering at a kiosk knowing less than 5% of the jōyō kanji while locals are behind you waiting in line.


I think this maybe an example of where Duo is but a starting point rather than a significant booster! This is kind of the same with all of their non European languages actually.


Hmm.. maybe I'm unaware of how this course is structured. Do the developers have to go out of their way to teach the kanji separate from the vocabulary?


As far as I am aware, no. But Kanji is very hard to teach on a website such as Duo, as they require not only to be recognisable, but also to be written using correct stroke order, and understood (without writing them, radicals and such will never be ingrained).


Really? whenever I tried to type kanji, I was always marked wrong. Even if I typed the kanji "私" I would get the sentence wrong. Maybe they have started adding them though


How odd, they've always been accepted for me! Even 私!For example, the sentence, "わたしはにくを食べる" is also accepted as "私は肉を食べる"


Nicely done! I'm not even halfway done lol


You'll get there!


Thanks! I think part of the reason why I'm going so slowly is because I'm trying to put the terms I learn onto Tinycards so I can study them all of the time. It's actually quite helpful!


Funnily enough, that's exactly what I am doing!


Cool! Buona fortuna! At least, with any other trees.


Thanks a lot :)


It's fine to know there's a Japanese course in the incubator. Japanese is probably the most popular language that isn't yet in Duolingo.


Congratulations! I'm delighted to hear about the good audio! There are actual recordings, not the TTS, right?


Actually, it's TTS. I'm sure of it. After all, almost everything has Japanese audio.


That in itself doesn't really tell you one way or the other. The analogous condition attains for the Guaraní course.

But it certainly comes as no surprise that the TTS quality for a Japanese might be particularly good! (which, yes, it certainly seems to be, although I can only evaluate the seeming naturalness, not the correctness)


Unfortunately current Alpha testers, like myself, are not allowed to divulge that information.


I didn't know that, thanks. Still can't wait to try the course :)


I am very interested in the Japanese culture and in my latest japanese class we did Kanji and i was a able to write Shin which means believe


Congratulations! I'm sure they're glad to have alpha-testing help throughout the whole tree.


I'm sad that alpha testing is only for people with ios xc


They don't include kanji? Sorry, I'll go to another place for Japanese.


We didn't say they didn't teach Kanji, just less than would be ideal! Bear in mind the course isn't done yet...


golden owl with a white scarf and red dot.


I finished all of Level 1 I believe (it ends with "Subculture" and "Olympics"). Is there a next level or is that it? I got the golden owl at the end, but no next level. ???


CONGRATULATIONS! And keep up the good work my friend!


Hi anyom! Congratulations! But i just want to ask, how fluent are you now? Can you construct sentences, or can you understand anime without sub? Hehehe

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