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  5. "You were defeated yesterday"

"You were defeated yesterday"

Translation:Mlifungwa jana

May 1, 2017



Is there a difference between fungwa and shindwa -- they both mean to lose?


"Mlishindwa/ulishindwa jana" should both be accepted. Not sure where the idea comes from, that only the verb -fungwa can be used to describe the loss of a sports competition.


It is difficult to know whether to use 'shindwa' or 'fungwa'. I thought I had worked it out with Duo using 'shindwa' for defeated and 'fungwa' for lost. (even though 'shindwa' should be able to be used for lost. However on this one it is now 'fungwa' for defeated. Please either use both interchangeably or stick to a pattern that can be followed.


Is this saying something about the Tanzanian psyche? Almost every sentence is about losing.


It's OK to lose and you should be mentally prepared for it. ;-)

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