"One plate of soup"

Translation:Ein Teller Suppe

March 1, 2013

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Why is Teller the accusative object here? And why not 'Ein Teller mit Suppe?'


Could be both depending on context. "Was wünschen Sie? - Einen Teller Suppe". "Was steht dort auf dem Tisch? - Ein Teller mit Suppe". Both translate to "a plate of soup".


Entschuldigung, kannst du mir helfen? Forgive me, this question might be very basic and I just never picked up on it until now. Are you saying that depending on the person's question, or previous statement, the case of my answer changes? So in your first example, my answer would be "Einen Teller Suppe" because if I expanded it, it would be "Ich wünsche einen Teller Suppe"? Depending on how you answer, I may have a follow up question.


Yes, that's correct. As 'wünschen' takes the accusative, your answer should use this case as well.


Man, where was that lesson in Duolingo. I'm nowhere near as knowledgeable in German as I had hoped I was then.
No immediate follow up question, but I'm sure as the implications of this sink in they'll come to me. Thanks for the info!


Ein Teller mit Suppe = A plate with soup

Ein Teller Suppe = A plate of soup.

Both are correct, but the second is just more commonly used.

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