[Userscript] Showing language names when hovering over flags

I've released a userscript called Duolingo Flag Language which shows you the language name when you hover your mouse over a flag on Duolingo.

It will attempt to show you the name in the language you're learning from. For example, it will show "German" if you're learning German from English, but "alemán" if you're learning German from Spanish. If that fails it should show the name in English.

You can install it here.

(Note that since this is a userscript it's only for the web version, not the Android/iOS apps)

May 1, 2017


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Is it optimized for the "new" web-version or the old one?

May 1, 2017

I'm pretty sure I still have the old version cause I haven't noticed any changes. But I'm not completely up to date on what's going on there.

The script is simple enough that it may work on both though.

Confirmed: working on both versions!

I logged into my sister's account .

Awesome. Thanks for checking and letting me know.

Cool man. Works perfectly. Thanks.

How good are you with making userscripts? We have quite an issue with the new website in that it has wiped out many of the userscripts, most importantly for me and my course, DuoKeyboard. The removal of user streams has also made it very hard for me to contact the creator... Just wondering if it's something you would be willing and able to look into.

Sorry, I don't think I can help with this. That's a full browser extension, not a userscript, and I've never done any work on extensions. Also, I'm in the same boat as its developer in the sense that neither of us seem to have the new version of the site so we can't develop for it. Based on his comments in the Chrome Web Store though it seems like his extension will eventually support the new version.

If it helps, when I'm practicing Russian I do it from my phone with the SwiftKey keyboard which makes it easy to deal with multiple languages/alphabets. I just swipe on the space bar to switch between en/es/de and ru layouts.

For en/es/de you don't need to switch a keyboard.
You can use 1 keyboard and long press a key to get the variations for the letter.
Much more comfortable then flipping through many installed keyboards.

Yeah, that's what I meant. I switch between the "en/es/de" layout and the "ru" layout.

Ok, I see. Sorry.

No worries, thanks for pointing it out.

Ok thanks anyway and thanks for letting me know that the creator is aware. When I looked on the chrome web store it hadn't been updated yet. By the way, I can get the site to switch between old and new on demand. If I want the new one, I do a timed exercise and press retry once it's over. If I want the old one, I click discussions, then home.

I find using the site on the phone's browser quite uncomfortable, and although in the app the keyboards switch automatically, the app is pretty poor for actually learning anything with.

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