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Let's Add Tuvaluan To Duolingo!

I checked in the post for wanting to add another language, and Tuvaluan wasn't on there. I really want to learn Tuvaluan, the language of a small island in the Pacific. It's very unique and I think it would be fun to learn! Upvote this if you want to have it added!

Some basic Tuvaluan:

Hello: Talofa / Please: Fakamolemole / Thank you: fakafetai / Help!: Fesosoani / Food: Meakal / Tea: Ti / Goodbye: Tofaa / Happy: Fiafia /

Let's learn Tuvaluan!!!!!!

May 1, 2017



Hi, I'm currently making courses of Tuvaluan on Memrise. Here's the first part (mostly vocabulary). Currently working on the part 2 (5 parts in total). https://www.memrise.com/course/1446913/tuvaluan-15/ This course will have thousands of words and sentences. I'm looking for help as I'm not a native Tuvaluan nor English speaker.


Thank you for this!


Yes! I really want to learn Tuvaluan and there are few resources online.


That's a super interesting idea. I've never heard of Tulvan before

[deactivated user]

    I support the idea of some rare and exotic languages!


    I put some courses of Tuvaluan in Tynycards.


    Yo quiero aprenderlo. He ayudado con entradas al diccionario glosbe.

    He estado analizando los textos de los testigos de Jehová en Glosbe.

    Diccionario español - tuvaluano Glosbe.

    tuvalu spanish glosbe dictionary

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