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Bonus skills

Please comment below on what could be the next new bonus skills. I think we are all aware that there are only two choices (Idioms and Romance), unless it is December. If you want more choices to spend your enormous bank account of lingots on, comment below and upvote please. I want all people to unite together to make a big difference in the Duolingo community. Let's make Duolingo a better educational site for everyone worldwide!

Law: Freeloader101

Astronomy: NathanJho_

Psychology: Espiraden

Musical Instruments: ThatSnailDude

May 1, 2017



Musical instruments would be nice to learn!


Astronomía, it would be really interesting about learning such things.


That is also cool!


I think law would be cool.


I think so too!


Some words could include: defendant, plaintiff, appeal, parole, plea, prosecute, felony, misdemeanor, settlement, statute, verdict, contract, personal injury, intellectual property, property, due process, constitution, evidence, jury, indict, convict, injunction, fine, restraining order, opinion/judgment, lawsuit, and litigation.

The words would definitely have to be carefully-chosen to be accessible to non-lawyers, too.


Psychology would be awesome to have :)


That would be interesting to learn..


In my opinion, the bonus skill should vary among which language you're learning and what's important in their culture.


There should be some sort of bonus skill on holidays, especially about holidays belonging to that specific language's culture.


It would be great if the Spanish course included a skill available for purchase around Dia de los muertos


what is a bonus skill?


lol, i am a newby


It is in the Lingot store when you want to learn lessons and possibly gain more XP


oh okay. so what is this post about? lol


It's what you want to learn in another language, like economics or Olympics


oh okay, thanks!! I think people names or countries.


they have economics for french


but not as a bonus skill


I would appreciate elaboration on something. Say you are learning Spanish and you love animals. Duolingo has an Animals skill in the Spanish tree, but it doesn't focus on something. It would be nice if you could buy extra animals.

That is unnecessary, though, because you can find more of specialized topics on Tinycards. I was able to learn a lot more animals through Tinycards, and I think that it would be a good replacement for missing bonus skills.

For more advanced learners, it would be cool if you had to pay a lingot fee to learn a Tinycards deck. You could preview the first few cards to see if you like the deck before buying it.

Of course, every idea has its problem and I haven't thought much about this, so any constructive criticisms are welcome. =)


These ideas pop up from time to time. I have always felt that the hardware store would be a worthwhile extended bonus skill, words like hammer, nails, screw, ladders...

One that would be good today would be a lesson asking things like "where is free wi-fi for my device" or "where can I charge my smart phone?"


I'd love to see a bonus skill about history- one that gave you historical facts about the country or countries that the language came from.


Amusement park would be kind of interesting


I think it would be cool to have like mini games where you practice your words.

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