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The introduction of karma on this site wouldn't be a bad idea.

The system would work similarly to how Reddit works. If your comments/posts get upvoted, you gain karma. If they get downvoted, you lose karma. If your karma goes below a certain number, you should be banned temporarily/permanently from posting and commenting. Would help to filter out all the 10 year olds on this site

May 1, 2017



Create one hundred alts, downvote somebody you don't like repeatedly, get them banned simply through the creation of many accounts.

The perfect plan.


IP tracking would help, so you could only vote once on a post/comment. If somebody is really sad enough to create 100 accounts just to ban somebody I'm sure they will be caught before they can achieve their goal.


Duo doesn't even verify email addresses on creation of an account. I can't see them continually tracking IP addresses. I'd like some system to limit who can vote like you have to have completed a tree. Although I suspect some of the downvote fanatics are just tired of reading how do I .... For the two hundredth time


I'm pretty sure everyone would be downvoted to hell since we all know that the forum is infested with trolls, so no thanks.


There are several approaches that can be used to control over-downvoting, though this isn't one of them. Duo doesn't seem to use any of them. Whether that's in the cards for the future is not something Duo has stated.


While Duolingo should keep an eye on accounts posting lots of downvoted comments, a Reddit-like karma is a bad idea, especially if viewable by someone else that the admins.

On Reddit, collecting karma has become an addiction for some, leading to people fishing for easy karma with low-effort content. Duolingo forums are already full of fluff, imagine what would happen if it also gave people imaginary points.


I was thinking that this would be the only con to this idea before I posted it lol


Unfortunately this wouldn't work because there is a large amount of trolls who go around downvoting the good posts and upvoting the spams. It is a good idea though


I like this idea of Karma but I think banning might not be the best feature. There are many things you could do with the idea of karma, besides that.

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