"She has not eaten the soup yet."

Translation:Вона ще не з'їла суп!

May 2, 2017

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In Portuguese we say tomar (to take). We can take soup, water, medicine, shower etc. So the funniest here is how we may sound like "drinking" the bath. So far "eat soup" is very normal.


Shouldn't it be супа (genitive)?


This is a direct object, so it's usually in Accusative as a whole. You may use Genitive here only if you mean eating a part of soup: Вона ще не з'їла [анітрохи] супу — She has not eaten the soup yet, not even a spoon of it. Я з'їв [трохи] супу — I have eaten some soup. You don't have to say words in the square brackets (then it's better to say поїсти instead of з'їсти), but Genitive implies something like that.

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    The genitive would be супу, not супа.

    Both суп and супу work in this sentence.


    So you eat soup in Ukrainian, you do not drink it. Correct?

    I know that may sound strange, but in some languages - Chinese, for one - you drink soup. You do not eat it. It sounds strange to them to hear "to eat soup."

    [deactivated user]

      Right! We always use the verb їсти (eat) about soups, never пити (drink).

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