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  5. "¿Sabes el camino?"

"¿Sabes el camino?"

Translation:Do you know the way?

March 1, 2013



Camino also mean road.


Yes, but you have to be careful with saber. Saber is knowing as in understanding. Knowing as having seen it previously would be conocer and I don't think you would use street in this context in English.


i thought it was walk


If el camino means the road, why don't they accept "do you know the street"?


"Sé que no hay un camino recto No hay un camino recto en este mundo Sólo un laberinto gigante De intersección encrucijada" Poeta español Federico Garcia Lorca "I know there is no straight road No straight road in this world Only a giant labyrinth Of interesting crossroads"


Camino means walk as well so it should be correct if you said Do you know the walk/road?

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