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Should we hoard lingots for gem conversion? [binge-learning]

I think we should.

Don't be caught unprepared.

If you want to learn, you need gems.

What are gems?

I don't know, but maybe they will be converted from lingots.

Be smart. Start hoarding lingots right now.

If someone asks you for a lingot,

politely say, No.

Big changes are coming

conserve lingots.

May 2, 2017



You won't need gems to learn. Although the health system's progress limit for new skills can be increased with gems, you can also get that health back by reviewing or taking a break. Also, according to Luis, you will be able to earn gems by finishing skills and reaching the daily goal, and there may be other ways to earn gems that he simply didn't mention.

But if they actually will give some number of gems based on each person's number of lingots, maybe stock up on lingots anyways for the other benefits gems will have. If anyone knows if the developers plan on doing this, I would like to know. My guess is that they won't because apparently the people who already have gems still have lingots, and because lingots have been so easy to earn.


Hoarding is a terribly interesting subject.

If anyone wants to know more about it from an unexpected direction, here is an article that starts and ends with an analysis of an ancient, Babylonian anti-hoarding law. (Who knew there were ancient Babylonian hoarding laws??)

Towards the middle, the article explores pros and cons of hording in various situations beyond what was happening in Babylonia. If you don't care about Ancient Babylonian laws, feel free to skip to page 9. The subheading you're looking for is "What's wrong with hoarding?". This kicks off the pros and cons analysis that continues through a few other subheadings following that one.

Who knew Duolingo would be the place to mention ancient hoarding laws... This place never ceases to amuse me. xD


There are still people offering custom icons for five lingots I don't see hoarding as an issue.


The article I posted concludes that hoarding can be negative, neutral, or beneficial, depending on the situation. I just realized that my comment makes it sound like I've got a big opinion about lingot hoarding on it because the words "anti-hoarding" and "What's wrong with hoarding" appear. When it comes to whether or not folks should hoard on Duolingo, I think they should think about it and then however they decide is up to them. I personally really enjoy giving out lingots. ^_^


Wow, that's a cool article. I'll even read it again later.


No, your Lingots are devalued during the move. You earn more value (for your effort) afterwards.

However, the prices are better now - so if there is something you want, buy it now.


Looks like I did well hoarding lingots xD


The lingot to gem conversion caught me by surprise and the devaluation is absurd. I had over 700 lingots, which were converted to 1200 gems, but from what I can tell lingots were about 40 times more valuable. I'm really sad I lost these.


Me too, I had 1151 lingots which were converted to about 1650 gems, and I astill have no ideas what gems are or what they are used for, it literally just caught me by surprise today without any prior notice.

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What is gem conversion?


Gems are a new currency which can be used to buy Health.

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You mean it doesn't apply to the main website?


Gems aren't on the main website, no.

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OK, thanks. I guess that's good.

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Oh, I heard about health, when are they starting that and can I still practice what I've already done without gems or health?


You can until you cannot.

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That sucks, I would rather just have a bunch of ads instead.

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You mean if I get too many things wrong, then I can't use it anymore?


If you want to do binge learning, you'll have to start hoarding some gems.


I think so. You'll have to pay gems to buy health.

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Somebody else (Lizzy_Engl) told me that the gems were only for the app and not for the website.


They are testing it on the app. It looks like a great success!


Hello, oddly enough, i've check on all platforms i could lay my hands on and i found that there isn't a gem feature. Can anyone be kind enough to decipher to me where is this Gem Feature found? I also saw some posts of other users including photos of the app allowing a fee to regain a lost streak. Is that correct? Thanks much!

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