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"The color of the peach is orange."

Translation:Culoarea piersicii este portocalie.

May 2, 2017



”Culoarea piersicii este portocaliul” would be considered acceptable by many Romanians. It is debatable if here ”portocaliu” is an adjective or a noun.


My answer:"Culoarea piersicei e portocaliu" was marked correct, but it is wrong, I suppose...?


Not necessarily. If you regard "portocaliu" as an adjective to the noun "culoare" then you should make the "acord" (Culoare portocalie). But you could also consider "portocaliu" as a noun ( the name of the colour), and in this case it is not needed to make the "acord" ( Culoarea portocaliu)


Why is it piersicii instead of piersiciei? Thank-you.


This is a common mistake in Romanian. An easy rule of thumb to build dative case for feminine nouns in romanian is to add "i" to the PLURAL nominative form. So piersică (sg) - piersici (pl) -> piersicii

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