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"Além disso, não é uma estrada principal."

Translation:Besides, it is not a main road.

March 17, 2014



I can't understand what the Portuguese sentence means, is it:

  1. Anyway, this road isn't a main road.

  2. Besides this road that we are on, there isn't another main road.


It seems to ve part of a text in which the person was talking about some facts about that road. Then, he added what you read above ;)


Literally, além disso is "beyound that". It could be "besides that" or "in addition to that".
This sentence implies that more has been said about the road before this conclusion.

"Essa estrada tem um monte de problemas. Além disso, não é uma estrada principal".
"This road has a lot of problems. And besides that/in addition, it's not a main road."

Just in case of curiosity:

  1. Anyway, this road isn't a main road = De qualquer jeito/forma, essa não é uma estrada principal

  2. Besides this road we are on, there isn't another main road = Além dessa estrada em que estamos, não há outra estrada principal / Tirando essa estrada em que estamos....


This is one of the most dumbest translations sorry but the translations seem to be beyond English but learning another language


What's the difference between a rua and an estrada? Is it something to do with size, or what surrounds it?


The além here can not be translated as "beyond that" in a geographical sense, meaning "after that point"?

Beyond that (point), it is not a main road (anymore).

I guess not, but it would be nice if someone could comment on this.


It will depend on the context. But yes, we can use além as beyond for a phisycal point.


I typed this in excatly right minus the comma and got it wrong. I should have be given the credit for that


"despite that" should be acceptef for "alem disso"?


"Besides, IT is not a main road."

Where is IT coming from in this sentence? "Além disso, não é uma estrada principal."

The struggle with Além disso part of the sentence aside and it's confusion and what is accepted... 'não é uma estrada principal' is incomplete. There is no IT here. No word at all to suggest that IT is a part of things.

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