Can we please get an update on the updated Spanish tree?

As the title says, I am very keen to get an update on any changes that are being made/will be made to the Spanish from English tree.

Luis mentioned a few months ago in his AMA that it was being worked on but I haven't seen anything new on the matter.

Apologies if this has been asked/mentioned recently.

1 year ago

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The English for Spanish speakers tree has been updated recently quite substantially - its now 89 skills! So surely the Spanish for English should be released soon enough. If they are adding as much content as they did on the English for Spanish (which is currently only 61 skills) then it may just be taking a while but it should be worth it. English for Spanish is so so so much better now!

1 year ago

My wife has received the new skills in the tree, but have not. Are they updating gradually or is there something I need to do to update? I really would like the travel, restaurants, etc, bcs I am going to travel to Mexico next month.

7 months ago
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