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How much should you rely on Duo?

[deactivated user]

    Is it a bad idea to use Duo as a primary resource (with some separate reading/writing/listening exercises)? I say bad in a way that it is limiting your fluency? How fluent can you get with Duolingo? I know that question is a hard one to answer but, if you could provide a general answer that would be great. Danke

    May 2, 2017



    Duolingo is great for learning a lot of vocabulary, especially if you repeat the lessons a lot. The instant feedback on what you got right or wrong is wonderful.

    I would definitely use other resources as well. I find more structured methods of teaching to be a good compliment to Duolingo. For example, taking a face-to-face class, or working through a course book and associated workbook, or watching German lessons on Youtube (such as the "Learn German with Jenny" Youtube channel.)

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks for the advice! I have watched a few german teaching videos on youtube. My favorite is "deutsch fur euch" :)


      Duolingo is great, but you should also take advantage of other free language learning courses, Like Memrise (On the phone, Because on the computer it is timed and I find it to be extremely distracting when you are trying to memorize vocabulary, so I recommend getting the app.)


      There're scripts who can disable the clock.

      [deactivated user]

        Thanks. I thought about using Memrise but I read some sub-par reviews on it and thought it wouldn't be that great. But perhaps I will try it.

        [deactivated user]

          As a rule, you should never rely on duo alone to get you fluent in another language. It's a great start but it should be followed up with vocabulary, like in memrise and videos, like Netflix and YouTube, or speaking with natives, like in HelloTalk. I love duo and I'm here everyday but I'm also learning more outside duo and I love that also. Good luck!

          [deactivated user]

            Ok thanks for the advice. I do other things outside of Duo but not much. I have watched a YouTube channel called Deutsch für Euch which I like.


            Duo was about 75% of my original learning, Mindsnacks the other 25%. Duo provided a nice framework, but 2 months in - it's only about 25% of my learning (including review). Tiny Cards originally seemed a good match, unlocking TC lesson before starting a Duo lesson, but now about 40% through Duo I don't bother much with TC at all - too ambiguous and German is not a language to learn by flashcards. I use Duo for about 15% of my German learning at this point. I would say there are much better "Lessons" out there than Duo's "Tips & Notes" on topics, and in hindsight, I would saw T&N are just that, tips and notes, but not lessons or comprehensive in any form which is only taught by example with the Duo program.

            Others have listed plenty of other resources in countless threads found further down the German discussion board.

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