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Yiddish for English Course

I'm patiently waiting for this course to go into beta and I was wondering what sort of things could help me prepare for it. I read the wikipedia article on the Yiddish alphabet and finished a memrise course to help me learn it. I found a few things online and it seems that Yiddish reminds me very much of the German I learned in high school.

While I wait for the Yiddish course to be developed would it be beneficial to try the Duolingo German course? Would the similarity ultimately help me or just end up confusing me?

אדאנק Thanks!

May 2, 2017



Here is a Duolingo - styled Memrise course some Duo users have created: https://www.memrise.com/course/1120518/modern-yiddish-complete-with-audio/

From Quora:

Yiddish is descended from a German dialect (not quite the same one that gave rise to modern standard German, but close). It's not related to Hebrew; however, it has borrowed a huge amounts of words from Hebrew, especially related to the religious and traditional Jewish sphere.

I would think doing the German tree wouldn't hurt. :)


Thanks a lot for this! it looks great!


It may confuse you as they are different languages. But your German may well help with the course.


I am not studying Yiddish nor German but I am a native Spanish-English speaker who is studying French and Italian. My advice is yes, try the Duolingo German course. It will definitely help.

I can tell you from from personal experience that the advantages of learning a language closely related to one you already know vastly outweigh the disadvantages. I think the key is to do a lot of revision and make sure you understand a lesson before you move on even if you don't understand it perfectly. Interference will happen but that's okay, just make a note that you need to review those areas some more.

Another thing is that, even though I haven't done the German course (yet) I have heard good things about it. It's supposed to be a well done course so there's that. I think that if you learn German you will have a much easier time learning Yiddish just like I have had a much easier time learning Italian and French because I know Spanish.

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