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Course Switcher on the new version

I think I've just been switched to the new version of the website, as the course switcher and the skill strength viewer were suddenly gone. But when I went to the discussion site, I noticed that the course switcher still works form there. Did anyone experience the same? Of course, it's much easier to just go to the discussion to switch the course, rather than going through the whole process of choosing a new course. So I'm quite happy about this discovery.

May 2, 2017



Check this out: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22412321

It's about a new course switcher, for the new website design.
I haven't tried it yet, myself.


Thank you! I haven't seen this thread before. So now I have to figure out how to install it. Unfortunately I forgot how I did it the last time. I'll think about it tomorrow.


I tried it on my system. It was too long for my monitor, and cut off at the bottom, Can't do Polska and below.


Thank you for sharing your discovery! I just hope all of the scripts are updated for the new site, because I just got switched too, and the scripts I was using really enhanced the Duo experience.


Yes, I really started to like the skill strength viewer, and I guess that there were a number of other useful scripts. I think that some computer-savvy people will soon start creating more scripts for the new site, we just have to allow them some time.


There was a post about a new switcher in the last few days I use the app so I didn't pay much attention but you might try searching. If I remember discussion is still on old site so expect going through that to stop working in the future


Nothing changed when I used the new website. Odd, isn't it?


Thanks for sharing. But it is still kludgy because you leave the discussion page and are taken to the home page with does not have the Switcher.

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