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Despise the new site. All userscripts broken, very disappointed.

I utterly loathe the changes. All of userscripts are broken. The site is far less functional for me than it was. It does not fit my needs.

Doing a reverse tree was really helpful with the Reverse Tree Enhancer, which did some amazing things to make the reverse tree so helpful. Now the best I can do is keep the sound off when I do a reverse tree.

The Course Switcher was absolutely essential. Now I guess I will have to create new accounts for each of my base languages, because it is a pain-and-a-half to swtich from Spanish-for-English to English-for-Spanish, for example.

DuoLessons Fixer allowed me to pause between questions during a timed exam. Let me look things up, study sentence discussions, go to the bathroom, deal with domestic issues etc. I have a lot interruptions at my home, and this was important in making Duolingo fit my needs. Now it's gone.

Skill Strength Viewer let me work on the skills that really needed work. Duo's algorithm is still off. I was improving in my comprehension and progress so much better with the Skill Strength Viewer.

The Correction Insistor was so important in learning an utterly unfamiliar language like Polish, where I found the spelling challenging. Wouldn't let me go on without correcting. Now this is gone, and I will have much more trouble with Polish, Irish, and a few others.

(It seems to me that if they were going to rewrite the website, they would have included the functionality many of these scripts, especially Course Switcher, Correction Insistor, and Skill Strength viewer. )

I was already unhappy with the loss of the Activity Stream. There are people now I simply cannot get in touch with. :( Such a loss, and so unnecessary.

And why bother to get rid of the Monthly leader listing while keeping Weekly and All-time?

Or why bother to get rid of settings like having the voice automatically come on (and there are a few others missing.)

Finally, I notice now that the Review button is gone, which used to appear at the end of each Lesson. This was extremely helpful. It is so hard to believe they would remove functionality this way.

Bottom line: Extremely displeased & considering deactivating my account.

UPDATE: The Words tab is still there for courses that had it, but the Flashcards program is gone. Now it's just a vocabulary list. (Yes, I know about tinycards.com, but I kinda liked the quick and dirty review of the flashcards, as inadequate in other ways as they were)

May 2, 2017



Pretty sure that userscripts were never officially supported, so getting angry at them for not working automatically is quite uncalled for. In fact, I would say that a major rewrite of a site automatically means that programs made for the earlier version may not work properly. It's common sense. After all, userscripts have always come with the caveat of "may not work and may break things". Whether or not the functionalities should've been incorporated directly to Duo is a different matter entirely. As it is though, I'd recommend waiting that the makers of the userscripts adjust them to work again.


If they were going to rewrite the website, they should have incorporated the functionality of these scripts into the site, especially Correction Insistor, Course Switcher, and Skill Strength Viewer. And Reverse Tree Enhancer would have been worth including, too.


The breaking of the scripts is not the only change I dislike. I also dislike the removal of Activity Stream, and the removal of the Monthly leader list of Friends.


A replacement for the Activity Stream is in the works.

The user scripts will need time to be updated to work with the new website.
Here's the new course switcher: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22412321

It takes time to rewrite, and debug, and test.


Thanks for the link. I appreciate the effort being made on this, but the new Course Switcher is almost too much. I don't need to see every course, just the ones I am enrolled in. It's kind of overwhelming to make them all available that way!


A replacement for the Activity Stream is in the works.

Do you have more information about this?


I tested it, and it greatly slowed down my system, to a crawl.


What amazes me is despite how popular switcher was Duo didn't Incorporate it into their rewrite.


Isn't that astonishing?


Maybe they will add it later. I think their goal was to first rebuild the site exactly the same as it has been, but faster.


Author of the skill strength viewer here.

I haven't seen the new website yet so I'm unsure if the script still works or not. I might get a chance to look into it later today and then post an updated script here.


Thank you very much! ¡Muchas gracias!


BTW, I did mention that your script would break in this previous post. I can attest as one who is now using Duolingo 2.0 that it is definitely broken.


Duolingo was mainly written in Python and the new site has been recoded in Scala. I guess that's why all scripts cease to function. Since I'm not a developer, is it difficult to rewrite such a script and transfer or rewrite the code from Python to Scala?


There's another thing I noticed regarding switching courses. Say you were working on Spanish-for-English, and you leave that tree open in a tab. Then you open you settings in another tab and change your base language so you can practice Inglés desde Español (which opens in another window). Then if you go back to the first tab (Spanish), you can't work on any Skills in that Tree! That was not the case in the previous site.


I guess I never had several windows open at once, so i didn't notice this change.


Despise the new site. All userscripts broken

It could hardly have been different, see the comments about that in the new website version's announcement post. We'll have to wait that the authors of each userscript update their code.

The Course Switcher was absolutely essential. Now I guess I will have to create new accounts for each of my base languages, because it is a pain-and-a-half to swtich from Spanish-for-English to English-for-Spanish, for example.

It's more painful to logout one account + login in a new account.
Even without any script, you can switch by one click to any course (after having defined bookmark). See here.


Well, I wouldn't log in and log out. If I couldn't have mulitple acounts running at the same time, I would have a different account on each of four browser profiles.

I was not aware of the bookmark method. I will try to test it when I have a chance.

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