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Just a Quick Thanks

I just wanted to thank two groups of people, because I'm not sure how much thanks they really get.

  1. The people working over at the Incubator. Dude, you guys are awesome. You're creating the chance to change people's lives (sounds cheesy but if you think about it, it's true). You're putting so much work into it, and the least you deserve is a thanks. So, thank you :)

  2. All those people, whether they be moderators or simple community members, who are kind, accepting, and welcoming towards all people. Now, of course, there are some people who are quite rude, but so many people on Duolingo are incredibly nice as well as respectful when it comes to those who are different from them, as well as when it comes to defending them. Thank you for being awesome :)

Have a nice day everyone <3

May 2, 2017



please comment SOMEBODY


Are you okay? I'm quite confused by all your comments, I don't really know what you're trying to say.


u seem like a pretty nice guy what made u open this discussion cuz it's great


I just saw some supportive people here and there regarding controversial topics, and nobody had thanked them so I figured I would :) I also realised the amount of dedication it must take to set up a course for learning an entire language, so I thanked those working at the incubator too. Thank you!

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