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Inappropriate contact

I was just on the verge of recommending Duolingo to friends when I got an email this afternoon from Duolingo saying that I have a new follower --- the image of a young woman wearing glasses with the words "HotTeacher" as part of the login name. I'm told that she's following me, given a button to click to follow her back, along with the words "Are you just gonna sit there?"

So I'll just unsubscribe from notifications. Too bad, as that was part of the usefulness of Duolingo I thought, a gentle reminder to study a little each day. But not at the expense of getting distasteful spam (or fishing or whatever it is) such as this.

Shame. Fix this, Duolingo.

Note that I would have reported this directly, but the "contact" page for Duolingo only provides contact info for advertisers, and another for press. None for users. I guess that's the cost of a free service.

May 2, 2017



I'm sorry you had this poor experience. I would like to let you know, before you consider leaving Duolingo, that if inappropriate people or spammers are following you, you can easily block them. If you haven't deleted the email, hopefully you can find the person's username.

Go to their profile (that is, duolingo.com/username) and click the gear icon on the upper right of the main white box. Click Block So-and-So.

For more clear instructions and screenshots, please see this article in the Help Center.

Hope this helps - have fun learning! =)

Edit: this feature has been removed in the new version of the website. If these instructions don't work for you, I would suggest the same as KenBookmye - report it to abuse@duolingo.com.


I don't think the blocking feature has been implemented on the new version of the site :(


Hmm...could you please elaborate? What part of the instructions don't work?


there IS NO GEAR!!!!! lol. They took it away in the new site.


That appears to be the case. You have the new version of the website. I've got the old one, and I can still see the gear, along with the blocking menu. I suppose now that activity streams have been removed, there is not really a point in blocking anybody.


Just the same, I try to block all the spammers that follow me. It's social status. Who wants to friend NoNoEsImposible? Look at all those spammers that are following him.


Yes. Neither is there any point in getting all mad because someone is following you, as there is no way to see them if you aren't following them yourself, and not even any way to know that they are following you after you close the notification :D


Report it to abuse@duolingo.com


Excellent --- thanks so much to all. I've reported the spam to abuse.duolingo.com, along with the suggestion that this report-abuse email be easier to find on the site --- I had looked under "contacts" and didn't see it. I've also changed my notifications.

However, FYI I went to the profile of the person spamming me and found no gear icon on the upper right of a main white box, didn't find any way to block them directly.

I AM really enjoying the service; the "few minutes a day" approach works well in combination to a couple of other occasional-effort approaches to gain some language skills before a trip.


Go here: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/notifications Keep study reminders checked, but leave off "when somebody friends me." Sorry you got a spam follow, if you would like to report them you can email abuse@duolingo.com just like KenBookmye said.


That email is sent for every new follower you get on duo. I get them all the time from people following me. It is unfortunate that your first follower had that inappropriate username and also that duo chose that phrase in their notification. Please don't give up duolingo, but stay and recommend it to your friends. :)


Holy... I did a friend search for HotTeacher and, let's put it this way: if anyone ever doubted Duolingo's claim of 170 million accounts, doubt no more. If it says HotTeacher997291, it probably actually is his 997291st account


Oh my, you are right. I tried it too. :0


Duolingo does not add the numeric postscript, that is added by the user, so it is very unlikely that there are 997290 other HotTeacher accounts.


You're right. I stopped scrolling after 100-150 HotTeachers and adding six random numbers to the end didn't bring any results.


holy cow there's a lot of them!


oh that is terrible!! Please do not delete your account, no reason to stop having fun because of some weirdo!! That is creepy!!

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