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Latin, please!

I would love Duolingo to offer Latin, as so many technical, legal, medical and scientific words in most modern European languages derive from Latin. It really would be a huge help.

March 1, 2013



Yes. I agree. I teach German and Latin to high school students. The German is great fun and effective, and Latin would be GREAT for my students! A Latin version would be widely downloaded, I believe. Duolingo is excellent.


I agree, latin would be great. Teach us latin and we'll write more latin web pages for people to translate :)


I would like it to, that could help if we want to learn european languages, it would be easier.


I miss Latin so much! Although it would be rarely used in terms of spoken languages, it sounds beautiful and is the root language so why not?~


There are not many Latin web pages. One of the primary goals of this site is to translate current web pages. Although it would be nice, I don't think it coincides with the purpose of this website.


ange1tears2 is right about the dearth of Latin webpages not suiting duolingo's purpose. But still, Latin on duolingo would be great for new learners or people who wish to review. It would be right after Russian in my list of "wants," here. But it won't happen soon, I bet.


I have just applied in the incubator for making a Latin - Spanish course (I'm Spanish) (and I know it sounds weird, but they don't allow you to do it the other way). If they agree, Spanish-Latin and, of course, English-Latin courses would be the next step.


Marvelous! That would be great. Let´s hope duolingo okays this soon. . . . [added] Russian-English has been approved and implemented, so far in beta. It's working out great, and there's no reason Latin should be any different. Both languages being inflected there are many similarities, and Russian seems to work fine here.

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