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How to change language you're learning from?

I've just been granted the new website. It's beautifully fast. I feel like I'm gonna save about half an hour of my day every day for the foreseeable future. There are a few changes which are nice to see (other than the lightning fast response time), but there are a couple of annoyances that have creeped in. The biggest one is:

How do I change my L1 language? To change the L2 language (the one I'm learning), I can use the flag at the top. But previous I would go to https://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction and select Ich will Englisch lernen from the drop-down menu and that would change the website layout to German and give me access to the DE->EN and DE->ES trees.

Now all the options are just from English. Now I need view all courses, select German from the language I speak and select English and then select that I want to switch to that course. Even with the faster response time, this takes me about 5 times as long as it used to. The last comment from Luis about this (a couple of years ago now) was that they were going to make it easier not harder to switch between trees. Can this please be changed somehow? It is very frustrating.

Other changes that aren't so good include more whitespace during practice. My laptop screen isn't that big. It means some things appear off screen.

The time on timed practice also doesn't stop anymore when waiting for the sound to load. I.e. the timer keeps ticking down while waiting for a connection to the server.

Edit: Also, is it possible to select "Troubleshooting" as a forum before posting a thread, or does one have to post it before being able to change the forum?

May 2, 2017
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