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Finally finished the Russian tree!!

I give major props to anyone who starts from scratch and learns a course on here, especially one that is substantially more difficult than a Romance language. This was the first course I completed that I hadn't already spent significant time outside Duolingo learning (the others being Spanish, French, Esperanto, and the Chinese to English course). I think this was about 8 months to a year's worth of work. I still can't tell you the textbook rules on how Russian grammar works, but I have a gut feeling for a lot of the word changes and adapt pretty quickly to learning new words and how they change.

Super excited to finally finish it. I'm gonna spend a couple months just keeping the tree gold and then probably move on to the German course.

До свидания!

May 3, 2017



Congratulations! I hope to get there too some day. I've had to supplement my Russian studies with vocab practice on memrise because the sounds and spelling take more effort to sink into my brain than with most other languages I've studied.


Good luck! The spelling is definitely difficult, and I still mix up ш and щ all the time and forget where I'm supposed to put ь and ъ, but fortunately the course isn't too strict about that.


wow!! congrats mate!!


Wow, that's impressive! :) (I speak, write, and read in Russian fluently)

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment!


    wow that's pretty darn awesome! nice job


    Wow! You're amazing! What other activities outside of Duolingo do you plan on doing to further your Russian skills? I plan on learning Russian soon. Do you have any recommendations? :)


    Probably mostly just listen to music. I'm not sure if I'll use it for much else. I do develop Spotify playlists as I learn languages, and I really like my Russian one with 120+ songs: https://open.spotify.com/user/1290269317/playlist/2Mh1xzuAzPX0drltBNwG8A

    My goal is just to review for a couple months and then move on. If I get through all of the language courses that I want to learn, I might go back and review and see if I can manage to maintain them simultaneously, but that would probably take a lot of time.


    Congrats! :-)

    I've been there, too: I started the course when it first came out, and finished it about 10 months later, last autumn. I've been practicing a little bit every day since, and will soon finish the reverse tree, which I can recommend as it has a lot of vocabulary the forward tree doesn't have.

    Also, Memrise is good (I'm doing the hilariously named Top 10,000 Words Part 1 -- hilarious to be because it feels like the second part must be for superhumans...), and I can really recommend the free (for now) Lingvist.com course: it's a vocabulary course, but every word is presented in a sentence, so you learn more than you do with Memrise.


    Thanks and good luck! :)


    Wow! I am only on level four and I have decided to wait until I finish Norwegian before devoting my time to Russian. I find it extremely difficult to remember how the words are spelled in the Russian language while I can read it fairly well. So can you converse with people in Russian? well anyway... Congratualtions!


    "Converse" is a strong word, but if I needed to talk to someone in Russian I'd be able to express the basic things I needed.


    Hopefully I can get to that point one day. :)


    congdas!!!! how long did it take u to finish your tree?


    Not sure exactly cause I paused in the middle of it, but I'd estimate about a year, normally 30 minutes a day.


    Отлично! (Excellent!) I took Russian several years ago in college and have forgotten a lot, so am just now starting to relearn it using Duolingo ... the biggest difference being that in those days I wrote everything out longhand and didn't type it in (I'm not much good at keyboarding - chuckle), and we had a LOT of verbal listening and speaking activity in our classes (which were quite small).

    Right now I'm maybe halfway through the German tree, and am enjoying it a lot. So congrats on your work, and have fun in German!



    Yah I would have no idea how to physically write a single word in Russian, but I'm pretty good with the native keyboard now lol.


    Молодец! I still hope I'll finish mine one day. Удачи)




    我也正在让我的中文树成为金色。 哦,很难啊! 我从三个月前开始,但是,没有已经完成了。





    Way to go! Congratulations.


    Is Russian easy or hard to learn

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