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Skill Strength Viewer userscript

Update: Skill Strength Viewer is working again on the new rewritten site again (as well as the old one)


Thank you @skelkingur !!!

----- Old message ----
This is a popular userscript in particular among those that has completed their trees. It was a different way to look at the strength of skills and would show the word strength of each skill.

Unfortunately this very useful userscript will probably never work on the new site.

I was recently migrated and being a software engineer I have investigated if I could fix the script to work on the new site but it is unlikely to work from the new site as Duolingo has removed the data that was embedded in the pages of the old site for the script to do its work.

The new site does not have such information as far as I can see. I partially got the script working via Words and Discussion pages (which are currently still served by the old site) but that is a temporary hack and it will eventually probably go away when those pages are re-written. :(

I really, really really would like Duolingo to provide a way to access that data. It is definitely enhancing the learning experience. I can imagine that embedding it on every page rendered is going to slow it down, but maybe Duolingo can provide a REST API or something similar to programatically access this data.

How useful is this script?

So, for example, right now I have my Spanish from English tree (which is all golden by the way) with word strength of Skills ranging from 26% to 100%. I use this information to concentrate "part" of my daily restrengthening activities to restrengthen a couple of bottom skills found at the bottom of the list as exposed by this userscript.

May 3, 2017



Even better, they could add it as a feature so userscripts aren't even needed!


Yes, I would like such a feature as well but if they are not going to do it, at least give us access to our data so that for people like us that wants to use data driven study decisions we need access so we can create our own community supported tools.


Here we go:


This script should work with the old and new version of the website. Please first uninstall the old version and then install the new version using the link above.

Let me know if you run into any issues!


Here is a couple of minor issues I see:

1) The Still Strength is visible on the Lingot store.


2) Sometimes, upon refreshing a skill and you return to the home page by clicking continue, the skill strength will not appear.

3) The "visited" skills on the strength viewer shows in different color vs non visited links. I am not sure if this is better this way or the was it was before. Purely cosmetic!


All good feedback. Will definitely look into this and provide fixes. Duolingo removed a bunch of CSS styles on the new website so I have to fill them back in. They also removed classes that allowed me to easily identify the home page - I guess I could just check the browser path though.


The workaround for #2 is to click on words or discussions tab, then click back to the home page to get the skill strength viewer to show up again. Although it's a viable workaround, it would be great if it wasn't necessary.

Thank you again for this script, it vastly improves my experience on Duolingo.


I still have the issue of 2) with V.0.2.


Unfortunately, it did not work for me. I did uninstall the old one and installed the new one.

Update: I take this back. I now see it. I don't know why it did not work the first time (I had even restarted the browser)


Another feedback:

Today I switched to English from Spanish course and the userscript is not working in the reverse tree. (I checked that v2home is set to True so it is something else)


Hi! I'm currently on vacation and will be back in a couple days to fix these issues. Thanks for the report!


Thanks. No problem. Take your time.


Hi, I was wondering the current state of the script. Any new releases recently?


I know I read in another thread that the script currently only works with source/base L1 language English.
No problem for me as I am focusing on EN-PT.....

But is it already known why V0.2 only works with EN courses and not reverse tree or laddering courses?

I tried V0.2 once with my reverse trees PT-DE/PT-EN or DE-EN.


Maybe you can explain Duo's old program to me. I would look at the word list and Bavaria would show weak not practices in 11 months and the skill was listed as travel. I would go to travel do the individual lesson that had Bavaria in it ten times then do the strengthen skill ten more times seeing and correctly answering twenty times then go back to words and see Bavaria right where it was before. I filled bug reports without response from Duo


That problem is still present in the new one as well.

We are dealing with words that are not correctly linked to the skill (the word is strengthening through another skill) or words that used to be on the tree but no longer after they rearranged the trees. (i.e. orphan). I have a whole bunch of these.


I have a question, maybe you can help me? I've noticed that some of my skills get 'stuck' at a certain percentage, and sometimes it is quite low. For example, the 'Adjectives 3' skill in my French tree is currently at 19.4%, and no matter how many times I strengthen the skill, it doesn't go above 19.4%. Is this related to the same issue KenBookmye is talking about? I haven't checked to see if individual words are not strengthening, just the overall skill strength.


I have the same problem and I wrote about it in another thread. The word strength of some skills did not increase no matter which way I have attempted to strengthen via the web (I am on the re-written site). Not only it did not strengthen but it did lose strength.

Try strengthening from mobile app. The skill that I tried to increase via the but failed increased via the phone app. I have reported it as a bug in Troubleshooting forum but I do not have high hopes as Duolingo does not seem to read troubleshooting forum.


If you want Duo staff to at least have a chance of checking something, undoubtedly you're better off submitting a formal bug report.


Oh, that's interesting... I stopped using the mobile app ages ago, I never even thought to try that. I'm also on the new site, but I noticed the same thing on the old one as well, with the original skill strength user script.

The skills are gold (even when they are only showing 19.4%), so I suppose I should be happy with that, but I still find it frustrating that the numbers stay so low no matter how much work I do. Thanks for your suggestion, I'll go give the app a try. :-)


Thanks, I finally gave up beating myself against the skill but I must confess I earned thousands of XP doing it over and over before I was was convinced it didn't work.


Hi - I'm the original author of the Skill Strength script. I haven't yet had a chance to explore the new website. Just signed up for a new account which has the new design and will investigate what I can do or come up with a different way to display skill strength.

On another note, I've been trying to reverse engineer clubs from the mobile app in order to display them in the web version. Haven't yet figured out what endpoint is used by the app to fetch clubs however.


If you can figure out if the word is linked to another skill instead of the displayed one or not linked to anything that would eliminate a lot of frustration and maybe Duo could fix them


Will definitely be looking into this.


Thanks. At this moment I got your user script working from the Words and Discussion pages by changing one line of showSkillStrength() function as follows:

if (/*$('#app').hasClass('home') &&*/ !$('#skillstrength').length && !isLoading) {

Basically, I removed the requirement fo home page. :) Now, on the words page the right pane does not scroll as you scroll the page. So, to be able to see the whole page one has to zoom to 75-80% (at least on my laptop). Discussion page works better.

But, again as I said, this is just a temporary hack. Not a durable solution.


I've managed to adapt it to show on the main page in the new design. Still working on getting the scrolling to work and make it somewhat more future proof.

The problem Ken mentioned is that Duolingo does not encode the language that you're learning on the page anymore, which is why it's difficult to generate the links to the skills.

I should have it ready in a few hours or so (still on $dayJob)


Duo doesn't seem to concerned about making the experience better. I guess the lack of competition in Free site. I would not tolerate it for $10 a month I expect it to work right


This is really good news to me. Awesome!!!

When I looked at the sources of the new page, I did not see a lot of the data that was present so I felt that it was not going to be possible. I guess, I was wrong.

No rush in any way. Take your time. I will be happy to be your beta tester :)


This looks wonderful! Thank you so much for updating it, I've also really missed this userscript in the last few days. It's so nice to see it on my home page again, and it looks like I have a lot of work to do strengthening some skills!


I love your script and it works just fine on my trees for English learners. However, it doesn't work for the reverse trees. Is there any chance of being able to get that functionality?


This is an awesome user script, thank you!

I wonder if there's a way to get this script to work on a standalone page (like https://www.duolingo.eu/USER/progress)? That would be pretty cool, because then I could access that from my mobile web browser to work out which skills to strengthen when I'm using the phone app. (I also use Safari as my default browser, so would help me on the desktop too - although there it's easier to hop over to Chrome for a quick check).

Any advice gratefully received :)


What do the numbers in brackets after each topic mean? I used to think it was (number of dead words/total number of words in topic), but I just practiced Colours and made no mistakes and it went from (1/17) to (2/17). I also noticed the topic Verbs Ser/Estar says (0/1), and obviously there can't just be one word in that topic.


@skelkingur The script seems to have stopped working once again. It used to work until a few weeks ago (coinciding with Duolingo's changes to limit XP gains to 20 when doing test outs). Are we done or there is hope to get it back again?


Hi, I've noticed it stopped working today. Is it temporary or just needs update?

And by the way, I sent an email to you to ask function update question about this, could you take time consider it? -- Thanks :-)

ps: I'm learning js and would like to participate in the develop :)


V0.2 still works for me if the L1 base/source language is English (e.g EN-PT): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22449961$comment_id=23722395


Reinstalled it, works again, thanks :)


Has anyone of you also problems that 3-4 verb skills are not showing up in the strength view panel / words tab in their EN-PT course?


I'm just curious, why doesn't the overall percentage from the skill strength viewer show the same percentage on the upper right corner on Duolingo ? (fluency percentage)

For example in French, the fluency percentage shows that I am 45 % fluent. However, in the skill strength viewer it shows that I am 68%.

Can someone please explain this to me ?


I am not the author but I looked at the source of the script before. Here is my 2 cents:

This script existed before and is measuring the combined strength of the words in a simple combination. Much later, Duolingo added that fluency score which is some proprietary algorithm that does something similar but at different weights.

I personally trust the script percentages more as it shows me where I need to refresh more correctly. Even when the tree is all golden, some units are actually so much weaker in reality based on the words that make up the unit.


I'm using Firefox on a Windows 7 computer. How can I install this?

I clicked the link and it jiust showed the plain text of the javascript on a page on github.com, so obviously I need to do something else, but what is that something?



First you need to install the Firefox addon Tampermonkey.

Once installed you click on this link: https://github.com/halfdan/duolingo-skill-strength/raw/master/skill-strength.user.js

The script will be auto-recognized by the addon and you will be asked if you want to install V0.2.


Hi. I apologise for the thread necromancy, but I only found out fairly recently that there was a new version of this userscript. There's a question I've been wondering about even before the website re-write: I would often have skills with strengths below 20%, yet they wouldn't be shown as decayed, neither by DL before the re-write nor by duome now. Can someone explain that discrepancy to me?


Yea, I also find the strength indications strange. If you have windows 10 you can get the Duolingo app from the windows store, and it's an old version which shows gold skills the way Duolingo used to. There is often a discrepancy between the skills that Duolingo thinks are gold and the skills this script thinks are strong

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