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"Il libro sta sopra il giornale."

March 1, 2013



Why is sopra necessary here? How would the sentence be without it?


Without "sopra" the sentence would read "the book is the newspaper."


"Il libro sta il giornale" doesn't mean anything in Italian.

STARE = to be in the sense of existing, or being placed. It cannot be translated as "being something".


So does this sentence ACTUALLY mean: The book exists on top of the table?


Other options would be "Il libro sta sul giornale", "Il libro è sul giornale", "Il libro è sopra il giornale".

Without SU or SOPRA, you wouldn't have the information that the book is ON TOP of the newspaper.


Ah, thanks to both of you.


If nel can be used to say something is on a plate (nel piatto), why couldn't it be used in this example?


I think it is somehow different... "nel piatto" means "on the plate" as well as "sopra il giornale" means on (top of) the newspaper. But in the latter, plate is regarded as some kind of recipient. The newspaper can never (in its natural form) be regarded as a recipient for a physical object/animal/etc. So "nel" would not go that good with "giornale" unless (and now it's me wondering) you're referring to the "news" that are on the newspaper.

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