Strengthening skills tests doesn't seem to update the strength meter in the Words tab and cycles...

...through most words in the beginner's categories


I've been experiencing this every day for the past month or so and it seems that some categories continue to appear (becomes colored) every time even though I have already made them gilded in the past day. Duolingo frequently makes me translate "the boy," "the girl," "my book," and related words in most of the starting categories, not allowing me to continue to more advanced words that I've already learned as it cycles back to those categories.

I've already checked the other discussions that is relating to this issue and tried the suggestions that the other people gave, like continue practicing so duolingo registers my learning capabilities, so I tried testing it for the last 15 or 14 days but there seems to be no results.

I've also read in another post that it might be because I'm using an old version of that course since duolingo or the contributors are updating their courses bit-by-bit, so the old versions are getting outdated and are having some bugs.

So I'm wondering if this a current issue that the moderators of duolingo are trying to fix or do I have to delete my whole course or account and redo everything again just to update the course that I'm learning to update it to the most recent version?

Edit: After a week of careful answering as what @hughcparker suggested, it seems that there is no improvement with my issue. In fact, not only did my Fluency decreased, but now it only loops through 2 categories as well.

May 3, 2017


Sometimes course teams produce a new version of a course; that gets allocated to a random group of users, and then eventually if the testing is successful it gets allocated to everyone.

Duolingo's software engineers are also re-writing the site at the moment, and some of the site's users have been allocated to a group that's using the new code. Eventually, all of us will move onto the new code.

In either case, resetting your course isn't going to update you to a new version, it's just going to get rid of useful data.

There are several reasons that a skill can weaken quickly. Most often, it's because you're peeking (holding the mouse over words to find out what they mean) a lot, or getting a lot of questions wrong, or taking a long time to answer the questions, etc.

May 3, 2017

I see, well its true that I do some peeking through the answers but I never do that in the basic categories, albeit accidentally when moving the cursor, which still frequently lessens the strength bar each day.

But anyway, thank you for the explanation and I'll try to be more careful while I test your suggestion out.

Oh, and by the way, do you know where I can get hold of the site's official news so that I can get updated on the current situation that's happening to duolingo?

Edit: 7 lingots for my thanks and luck (because 7 is a luc... ah, you get it ;-).). Have a nice day good sir.

May 3, 2017

Different discussion topics:


For instance, here is a discussion on what you are experiencing and why:

And of course the Troubleshooting forum which is the one you posted in (though that one seems to scroll quickly).

June 7, 2017
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