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  5. "Încălziți voi apa?"

"Încălziți voi apa?"

Translation:Do you heat up the water?

May 3, 2017



I am confused here, I thought the inclusion of 'voi' (and it being optional) would make the phrase look like, "Voi încălziți apa?" -- how come 'voi' comes afterwards? Is it because this is a question, thus altering the placement of words?

Thinking this, I first thought this would translate as "You heat your water?" (excusing the incorrect possessive, I tried to fit the 'second voi' in)

Thanks for the help


Yes, you guessed right, it is because it is a (real) question. There at least two ways for a question, one where you change the word order and one where you just change your accent (at the end of the sentence). i.e:

Do you heat up the water? - Încălziți voi apa?
You heat up the water? - Voi Încălziți apa?

But with dropping the pronoun in Romanian both look the same "Încălziți apa?"


Why is no one answering the question--why does "voi" come after the verb in this case?


I dont know for sure but I think it is becuase word order is less important in inflected languages. In archaic english you could have " heat you the water?" since they were also latin speakers.


How does voi translate?


tu - singular you

voi - plural you


Why is it "the water" here when it just says "apa"?


Apă is indefinite Apa is definite Deoarece se traduce cu The water aici


Not "do you warm up water?" ??


"Are you heating up the water?" would sound better anyway.

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