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A Encouraging Comment

I always feel encouraged when people who are learning English on Duolingo, talk on the forums.

It encourages me to see that Duolingo has taught them enough to understand a discussion, and then be able to type a comment on their own.

What encourages you about Duolingo?

May 3, 2017



One thing that encourages me is the community. I like relating to people that have difficulties with a language. It shows that everyone has their own pace with learning, and whether it takes you a few months, or a couple (or many) of years (which is me), we will all eventually master a language with dedication and hard work.


Duolingo motivates me go keep going, and to stretch a little farther. All the while I am having fun!


When I do Spanish, I'm reminded that my dad is increasingly proud of me being able to speak his native language, and the fact I'm having fun while doing so!

And also, what language are you learning Japanese from?


I'm a alpha tester :)

And same with me! My Dad's native language is Spanish, and he is proud of me for learning it too.


Super cool! I also see APH Hungary on your profile pick :)


:) I love Hetalia. That's the whole reason why I'm actually interested in learning a language,


I'm also a big Hetalia fan ^ J ^ I'm a history nerd (even prior to Hetalia), so learning stuff from around the world is really cool to me.


Whenever I see that someone has reached a certain part of the tree(or completed it), I feel motivated to do better, so that I can get there too!


Steady progress and motivation.


probably the forums as well I mean people can be sooo supportive and give great advice : )

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