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  5. Where did "review lesson" go?


Where did "review lesson" go?

I think i just got rolled onto the faster website this morning. It broke all of the greasemonkey scripts i use with duolingo, which is annoying but not too surprising for a total rewrite. Also, the UI no longer tells me what skills i strengthened when i strengthen skills. This is also a bit annoying, especially in combination with the greasemonkey issue.

What's getting me to post, though, is that the "review lesson" button which showed all sentences in a lesson after it was completed, no longer appears on the splash screen after i finish a lesson. Is Duolingo no longer planning to make lesson review available, or is something broken? I typically use firefox, and i tried logging out and back in again, to no effect, and also tried the lesson in Chrome. So i think this is not a browser artifact --- "review lesson" simply doesn't appear any more.

May 3, 2017



It looks like that's another feature that hasn't been implemented yet on the new version of the site.


I didn't realize a 3 year old update was "new". Interesting.


I can confirm this: No review anymore - it was very useful and I used it regularly. I want it back.


I think this is the last straw. They are taking out all the features I use. Immersion and now review. I have been using this for over 1500 days to learn Spanish. Adois Duolingo........


Sigh. Yeah, i don't want to leave the site, and i'm somewhat willing to wait around and see if people can make the greasemonkeys work again. But it's hard to keep the habit of coming to the site when tools i rely on to make the habit easy keep breaking.


Yes there is nothing left in the site for me now. I doubt I'll recomend it.


It seems to me Duolingo is working hard to improve their website. Sure, the new patch has some bugs in it, but it's not like this is a final version. You have experienced yourself what a useful language learning tool Duolingo is, in my opinion the best one I've tried, so have some faith that the team will resolve the issues and get everything back on track. If you want to leave due to a few buggy days, sure, your call, but to me that seems like poor judgement.


It's nothing to do with bugs. They have taken away the 2 things I was using to improve in Spanish. As they are no longer there I have nothing left to use. I left a while ago and have lost my 1551 day streak, I thing that says have I feel.


I have a "redo" button both on my computer and my phone.


What we meant is the "rewiew" button, where you could check all your answers and the correct solutions of the last exercise in one place. This was very helpful and I hope, it will be back soon.


Oh, that button have I never seen. But it would be nice to have one.


I'm having the same problem in the French course on Safari; the button has simply vanished. Why?

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