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Please help if you are better at German than me!!

So I'm confused about the sind/seid (are)? Sometimes the young female and young male have the same (sind)? I thought that males are all grouped under seid and it is really confusing

May 3, 2017



I got a message from you in my email, but now it seems to have vanished from here. Yes, the verb form is the same for plural males and plural females.


Nope, sind goes with sie (third person plural (they), never mind the gender) and Sie (formal, never mind the gender or number), and seid goes with ihr (second person plural (y'all), never mind the gender).

The female sie (third person singular (she)) goes with ist.


Okay, I understand those, it is just that suddenly it switched up when I thought I got it. So if for example if it is "they are boys and they are girls" it is by default sind? But then if it is singular form it goes back to seid for male and sind for female?


Addition to that, seid is also imperative plural.

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