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"Mẹ đã gửi điện thoại của tôi đến Sao Kim nên tôi không thể dùng để gọi cho bạn trai của mình."

Translation:Mom has sent my phone to Venus so I cannot use it to call my boyfriend.

May 3, 2017



That might be the longest sentence I've encountered on Duolingo... Doubtful I will remember that. Though will never need to use it either!


I really like these longer sentences as they make you think, add surprise and create a change of pace.

But the grading algorithm should be significantly loosened for them to make them work with the system. It needs to be forgiving of errors in longer sentences.


I have met some other sentences in other courses that are long like this, but yes, it sucks.


Who in the name of Flying Spaghetti Monster would say this?


This word selection exercise was already completed for me, just had to click to finish.


This sentence is way too long!!! We are just learning, Duo, please stick to shorter sentences. That's like a second-year sentence or something!!!


What a nonsese


I sais instead of mom that my mother it was not accepted


Such a bad sentence . completely useless not helping to learn anything


I am curious about the use of "nên". Does it mean I cannot call my boyfriend, simply because my mom sent the phone away, or does it mean she sent it away specifically so that I would not be able to call him?

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