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  5. "Die Jacke ist rot."

"Die Jacke ist rot."

Translation:The coat is red.

March 1, 2013



why are we learning colors now? I imagine it would be an earlier stage


Why did the 'e' drop out of rote? Lost a heart because of that.


Rot is the adjective, but sometimes it will be rote. When you say X is y and y is some kind of an adjective, then you always use the basic form. However, when it is directly with the noun, you have to put it in the corresponding case, so it would be Die rote Jacke, but Die Jacke ist rot.


Adjectives only get endings (-e, -en, etc.) when they precede the noun, as in the example by @bl1zl3er. So when you were seeing 'rote', you were seeing the form of the adjective with the ending, rather than the base adjective of 'rot'.


The translation of Jacke gives three options: jacket, coat, and cardigan. I wrote cardigan and it was marked incorrect. Why?


Jacke is jacket and Mantel is coat.


Rot sounds like Hot but with a longer O sound


The pronunciation of "rot" is really similar to "rouge" (red) in French.

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