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French Club!

This club is solely for learning, but I will need 2 or 3 mods to help things run smoothly. After you receive a reply from me or one of the mods (whose names will be posted below), please delete your comments. (The only regulation for mods is to be a level 4 or higher in French.) Class code is just for XP, but I only post assignments Monday-Friday. Class code: QXADWP

Mods: ~SP, Freeloader101,Parislover5489,BuckSanders

Members: ArianaMoni, timbopuff, LanguageLover, FrenchmeC,Alice580214,Kaleab18,Alicejolley12

timbopuff's German Club

May 3, 2017



I can be a mod if you want


I would like to join!


Translate these sentences into English.

Je veux aller en France.

Pouvez-vous m'attendre?

Il veut vivre en Espagne.

Pourquoi mange-t-il du fromage?

Ce chat-là est le mien, mais ce chat-ci est le vôtre.

Create sentences in French using these words, and translate into English.

Manger, banane, mari, and jaune.

Ils, attendre, lion, and, chinois.

Acheter, poisson, bébé, and jeune.

Abeille, fromage, vouloir, and bleu.

Femme, lire, devoir, and livre.

That's some practice. If you have questions about it ask me, and I hope you do well. :)


I meant using Duo! XD


ok I just felt like actually trying to help someone and I thought this would be a step


It is good practice, this is kind of what I wanted to see in Duo.


Can you do the test?


Uh... I would prefer not to do this right now.


I would like to join


What kind of club is it? Do we stay on Duolingo, like "finish this many lessons in you tree?" or is it somewhere else?


i am a bit confused as well but if it is a club then you have to use the phone app. There is a thing called duolingo classroom but i have no idea how to join one.. just how to make it.


Salut encore monsieur!! what is this class code you speak off? I ask because I think classes and clubs are different things in duo... anyway I am very interested :) bonne journeé


YBKHWZ, This is the code for my classroom if you want to join it.


https://tiny.cards/users/Freeloader101. Follow me on TindyCards. I have some good conjugations on there.


alas, I am but a lowly android user :) thanks though


I would like to join! Buck


Monsieur Buck! the admin deleted his class. Here is the code to Freeloader's class if you still want to sign up for one YBKHWZ


P7gm2g Français pour voyageurs


hi is it still working? :)

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