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New Duolingo Website?

I haven't been online much and I saw someone talking about a new code for Duolingo. I think I am still on the old one but I am not sure. May someone fill me in on this?

May 3, 2017



Duolingo are re-writing the site at the moment in a different programming language, to make the site faster and more scalable. Some people have been transferred over to the new version, but a lot of people haven't yet. It's loads faster, but it's missing some features, e.g. the Progress Quiz.

You can tell which version you're on by clicking on the notification icon at the top right of the page - if the notification panel appears directly under the notification icon, you're on the old code, but if it appears over the middle of the page, you're on the new code.


Thank you. I am still on the old code.

[deactivated user]


    Just wait, they'll roll it out to everyone.

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